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Natural + Newsworthy: Anti-Aging with Dr. Oz, Dirty Diet Secrets and Healthy Tips from US Olympians

Natural + Newsworthy

Each week the MVO team selects the latest and greatest from across the Internet--Natural + Newsworthy resources worth your time. This week we explore the harsh reality of plastic chemicals, the dirty little dietary secret, top ten anti-aging herbs and spices, and six healthy diet tips of US Olympic athletes.

Plastics chemicals linked to diabetes in women; blacks and Hispanics most exposed

"A group of chemicals found in household plastics and medical supplies is linked to higher rates of diabetes in women – up to double the rate for women with the highest levels, according to new research led by Harvard scientists. Blacks and Mexican Americans and women living in poverty are exposed to the highest levels of some of these compounds, called phthalates, the scientists reported." (via @EWGORG)

Do you have a dirty little dietary secret? And is it called Diet Coke?

"While sipping diet soda seems harmless, especially in the context of a generally healthy life, a surprising number of substantial studies show the opposite, that drinking Diet Coke and Aspartame can greatly interfere with your health." (via @WellandGoodNYC)

Top 10 Anti-Aging Herbs and Spices

"Dr. Mercola counts down the 10 most powerful spices you may already have in your kitchen that can fight aging and prevent disease. He suggests you incorporate a variety of these spices into your daily meals to maximize your benefit – consuming just 1 teaspoon a day of any of these herbs and spices can have a positive effect on your health. When choosing between fresh or dried herbs, Dr. Mercola suggests that the fresh variety is more powerful. In general, the more fragrant the herb, the stronger its benefits. You can, however, get nearly the same benefits from dried herbs if you store them in an airtight container out of direct sunlight." (via @DrOz)

Healthy Harvest: Kale

"A few decades ago a famous commercial popularized this slogan: “Where’s the Beef?” Last year, a group of kale munching health promoting beings touted kale to be “The New Beef”. If you’ve ever chomped through a kale salad, it’s likely the hearty satisfying texture and rich flavors made you take note that you were consuming some serious nutrition." (via @OrganicSoul)

6 Healthy Diet Tips (and Secrets!) of US Olympic Athletes

"Any athelete—from weekend warrior to Olympic medalist—will tell you that fuel matters. What you choose to put into your body helps determine whether you go for the gold... or sit on the sidelines. Six U.S. athletes competing in the London Olympic games share their healthy diet tips and tricks for eating to reach your highest potential." (via @OrganicAuthorit)

Women at risk: Health problems linked to environmental estrogens

"Our studies are beginning to corroborate the idea that environmental estrogen may be associated with endometriosis, said Germaine Buck-Louis, director of the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development’s epidemiology division in Maryland. Back in 1993, a connection between endometriosis and environmental chemicals was discovered. Rhesus monkeys fed food contaminated with dioxins – hormone-disrupting pollutants created by waste incinerators and other industries – developed endometriosis 10 years later." (via @EWGORG)

Poor Sleep Affects Immune System Much Like Physical Stress

"Severe sleep deprivation has the same effect on the immune system as physical stress, according to a new study. Researchers in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom found sleep loss triggers the production of white blood cells, known as granulocytes, particularly at night." (via @GoodHealth)

What Are the Best Vitamins for Skin?

"You should eat whole foods, fruits, and vegetables, yet even if you eat the healthiest diet possible, it’s still tough to get every single nutrient you need in your diet. This being said, let’s focus on today’s post: what are the best vitamins for skin? These are the ones which should be staples in your diet and in your medicine cabinet. Not only do they work internally, but they also work wonders when applied topically through the skin care products you use. And now, here they are..."

Long-Term Outcomes after Phthalate Exposure: Food Intake, Weight Gain, Fat Storage, and Fertility in Mice

"Exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs), particularly in utero, is suspected to contribute to obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and reproductive abnormalities. Di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP), a plasticizer found in cosmetics, fragrances, food packaging, and polyvinyl chloride, is one such EDC. Human studies have found associations between urinary metabolites of DEHP and other phthalates and increased body mass in humans, and maternal exposure to DEHP has been associated with impaired gonadal development and fertility in baby boys."

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