Acne and Aging Natural Skin Care Guide

Adult Acne Skin Care Advice to Give Acne and Aging a One-Two Punch


A Safe and Sensible Approach to Alleviating Adult Acne without Accelerating the Aging Process

Adult Acne and Aging Safe Treatments

Acne vulgaris, ranging from the occasional break out to crops of pimples that seem to never go away, is associated with all the tribulations of puberty, including mood swings and social awkwardness. As destructive as acne can be to one’s budding self esteem, at least acne and teenage troubles seem to go together.

But what about adult acne? A recent New York Times article points to the fact that not only does acne persist well past the teens for many people, but a growing group of people are experiencing acne for the first time in their 30’s or even later. According to a study conducted by researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital acne afflicts people across the age spectrum...

Adult Acne Treatment: Clear Acne Without Acquiring Wrinkles

Adult Acne and Aging Guide

Adult Acne is a difficult nut to crack, but treatments that address the root causes of acne beg further exploration. These treatments depart company with conventional treatments by allying with instead of fighting against, our good friend mother nature.

We have had considerable success in the adult acne battle, and because our treatments are nature friendly they do not accelerate the aging process as so many harsh anti-acne treatments do. Let’s take a look at how our alternative treatments address the various causes of acne as they apply to adults. Read more

Dangers of Triclosan as an Anti-Acne Agent

Dangers of Triclosan

Triclosan is in a class of chemicals called chlorophenol, suspected of causing cancer in humans. Triclosan has been discovered in ever-increasing amounts in aquatic environments and in fish, and a Swedish study found high levels in three out of five randomly selected human milk samples. Because it has a lengthy biologic half-life in human body fat, it can accumulate to levels potentially damaging to liver, lungs and kidneys.

To make matters much, much worse, triclosan degrades, and in the presence of ultraviolet light it converts to dioxin. Read more

Sunscreen for Acne Prone and Oily Skin

Sunscreen for Acne Prone and Oily Skin

We are all agreed by now that everybody needs sunscreen to protect against sun damage, premature aging and skin cancer. However one group is loath to follow the “every day, rain or shine” rule. Understandably, folks struggling with problem skin tend to be more concerned about breakouts than wrinkles or sunspots, and their reluctance to use sunscreen daily may be compounded by their unfortunate experiences with sunscreen worsening their acne. Sadly, it is quite true that certain ingredients in sunscreens can aggravate acne.

What most people don’t know is, zinc oxide is actually good for acne. Read more

Lactic Acid: Clear Up Acne and Combat Aging

Lactic Acid for Acne and Aging

We hear the same cry of distress from many of our customers: “I have pimples for the first time in my life and now I’m getting wrinkles too–what’s wrong?” They are not alone. Incidence of adult acne, especially with respect to women, is on the rise. And, while acne is a complicated condition, we do know the root causes of acne are, in general, related to hormone levels.

Fortunately, there are now treatments that benefit both teenagers and adults. One of the answers to acne problems resides in our old friend, the ever-versatile lactic acid. Read more

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Dangers of Triclosan as an Anti-Acne Agent

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Lactic Acid: Clear up Acne and Combat Aging

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