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Love this product :-) and the customer service!

Melissa Coberly

I highly recommend these products, they are made from high quality ingredients and aren't cheap but they do what Marie says they'll do. My skin is fair and sensitive plus I live in the Mojave Desert so if MVO wasn't as advertised I would have known quickly. So very happy I followed the link that day in the Chronicle. If you decide to use MVO do your self a favor and take pictures of your face before you start using them, then again in three months...

Jackie Pelfrey

After a head injury, my lower jaw began to move forward resulting in stretch marks on my face and deep lines around my mouth. While I obviously I have far more serious symptoms to heal from, looking at my skin in the mirror over the years has been heartbreaking. I recently learned about MVO products and while it was a splurge I decided to try the Pacific Night Serum with Retinol mixed in with the Vitamin C, as well as the Exfoliating Cleanser. I’ve been using the products just over two weeks. The stretch marks are about 40% better! And a few days ago the deep lines around my mouth started to soften! I’m really encouraged and so, so grateful these gorgeous, safe, organic products exist. On top of which, the service I received was incredible. Such a kind and knowledge staff. Yay! I’m looking forward to more healing across the board and am excited to have MVO as part of my team.

Jane S.

I've been using your mineral sunblock for 4 years now. I wear it in the day time no matter what! Even when I'm working indoors. I'm a pipe fitter and a welder, so my skin is exposed to UV radiation all day long. But, the sunblock prevents me from getting radiation burns and the zinc oxide soothes any cuts or spark burns that happen to get on my face. Keep up the good work and keep on making them!

Catherine W.


Love for MVO I use the Anti-Aging Kit morning and night. The cleanser makes my skin feel clean, smooth (light scrub) and prevents most blemishes, the toner is refreshing and dampens my skin before moisturizing, and the oil moisturizes my skin really well without it feeling heavy or greasy. My skin looks healthy, bright, supple, smoother skin tone, free of blemishes.

-- Jessica W.

My order just arrived today; I just want to say Thanks!!! I am so impressed with the quality of this product; it's better than any BB cream on the market and all natural to boot. SOOOOO impressed and even more so by the generous samples, which are also fantastic. I am so glad I discovered a company that offers effective, natural beauty. I can't believe the whole world wouldn't just want to use these products. Thanks again.

Teresa S.

We love @MVOrganics and are so happy to introduce them to @TheMiniPost


I am totally totally AMAZED. I stuck with the [acne relief treatments] regimen as you encouraged me to do, and it has paid off in aces. My skin has almost completely cleared up over the last 6 weeks with the most dramatic improvement over the last couple of weeks. Gone are the small bumps under the surface. Gone is the surface roughness. Gone is breakthrough oiliness. It feels so much happier and balanced. I love everything... you have a devoted fan.


I did a test and started using the Night Retinol Serum since October and I definitely have seen my sun spots fade. I love this serum!!!! And the Anti Aging oil is another favorite and its fragrance is such a great am booster.

JOLI via Facebook

I just started using your stuff and it has already changed my face's life."


Love this product!

Erin Meadows | Anti-Aging Kit

Marie’s enthusiasm and knowledge has helped create a fantastic selection of natural products. This stuff works!

Nancy McNichol

I love this line! Currently I'm using their their anti aging oil, night serum with retinol and I have seen my sun spots start to fade and I like their tinted sunscreen.

Katherine Quinlan via Facebook

I love your products and have been using your serums, oils and sunscreen for a couple of years now.

Sophie on Facebook

I love your product, feels great on my skin, thank you :)

Wendy C. on Facebook

The absolute best you can find!

Judy K. on Facebook

Absolutely love the new cleanser, Marie! Just what I've been wanting...gentle and thorough and doesn't irritate my super duper sensitive skin!"

Mary M. via Facebook

Marie Veronique has done it again! She consistently creates results driven products with great ingredients that you want to use again and again. I love her new Cleanser, an improved version of the Gentle Cleanser that has more lather and removes makeup. I start each day with Marie's new cleanser, followed by her anti-aging mist, anti-aging oil and finish with tinted everyday moisturizer. I'm a devoted fan of this line!

Karen Ray

"I recently ordered the balance of the Pacific products for my face. Amanda helped in providing me an optimum cleaning routine. I'm alternating the Night Serum w/ Retinol with the Topical Marine Treatment. I'm almost 2 weeks into using the Pacific line and I'm loving it! I'll be able to provide better feedback after a months use but for now I can say my skin has never felt or looked better. Thank you to Marie & her entire team for giving me a healthy, natural choice. I'm a customer for life!"


I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying both my Everyday Sheer Coverage and Moisturizing Face Screen in Light Tint. My skin tone is a light olive, and the tint matches my skin perfectly. Never have I been able to find a foundation that wasn't too pink or yellow or peach. Finally I have found not one, but two products that blend with my skin tone perfectly! Please never discontinue the Light Tint. In addition, I love these products because even though they are sunscreens, I'm not annoyed about putting them on my face--in fact, I'm overjoyed. Commercial sunscreens I've bought in the past have been greasy, pore-clogging and grossly fragranced. The Everyday Sheer Coverage and Moisturizing Face Screen are light, wonderfully thin and spreadable, and non-greasy. I have also been able to try the Sun Protective Oil and the Anti-Aging Oil+ as they came as free samples with my two orders so far. These are wonderful oils and although I've only been using them for a couple days so far, they are making my skin glow! I'm so glad I found your company and will continue to buy your products for a long time.

- Rachel C.

Thank you so much for sending me the new product. Everyday Sheer Coverage has a wonderful lightweight feel to the skin and you don't really feel like wearing make up but it just lightly covers all the red areas."

- Monika Blunder Prensena, Make-up Artist

I have been using MVO for more than a year now and am thrilled with the results. The extra light tint moisturizing face screen is the ONLY product I've ever tried that actually matches my skin. I wore traditional foundation for more than 20 years and could never find the right shade. I've been foundation-free for more than a year and my acne improved as well! I also used to have red flaky skin around my chin no matter what type of sensitive skin product I was using. No more! It disappeared within a few days of using MVO and never returned. Best of all, I love the Kid Safe Screen. Our whole family uses it. I feel so good knowing we're all well protected from the sun and not polluting our bodies with harmful chemicals. I am so glad I found MVO.

- Melody Bloom

I waited a while to see if the outbreak would change (it came back again) and went back to my old product (only got worse). Then I shifted back to my MVO ( Anti-Aging Kit ) again it looks GREAT!! Don't think the outbreak has much to do with the products, more stress, environment (have been traveling a lot) and so, I recommend MVO to everyone! I just went back to Europe for the holidays and pretty much all women in my family and my friends commented on my skin and how great it looked:)) THANKS AGAIN!!

- Signe F

I tried this product ( Acne Relief Kit ) because I was looking for a regiment for acne prone skin that did not contain parabens or other toxins. I will be trying to conceive, and most of the products out there are not safe to use during pregnancy. It took about two months to see the full results, and now my face looks great! I no longer break out, not even around my period. My skin feels softer and the look of my fine lines have diminished (a definite plus!) I recently visited family that I haven’t seen in months and they commented on how good my face looks. My skin looks and feels better than it has in years. Even better than when I was using other popular acne treatment regiments. I love this product and recommend it to anyone who suffers with acne.

- Cindy F

Purchased the Skin Lightening Serum a few weeks ago to treat very dark melasma present on my forehead and temples. What an incredible product, I am seeing the lightening gradually taking place and my skin feels so soft and hydrated in a way it hasn't for years. After relying on Dermatologist recommended products such as Hydro-Q and Tretinoin, I am so happy to find a substitute that finally works! Great products - I'm definitely going to add the Everyday Sheer Coverage and the sunscreen to my cart. Thanks for the samples!

- Jane

I LOVE MVO's tinted SPF moisturizers - THANK YOU for being TRULY organic and free of the hidden chemicals and questionable ingredients which so many other supposed organic companies/products contain. :-) Please don't ever change! Thanks a bunch!

- Shannon

Everyday Sheer Coverage is all I need... it is light yet makes my skin look flawless. It has a refreshing scent and melts into my skin smoothly. I especially love it, knowing that it provides optimum protection from the sun without unnecessary and unwanted chemicals and ingredients. This is a mainstay in my skin care routine.

C. Ritzel via Amazon

I am such a fan of the MVO skin care line and this product is a new favorite. I just spent a week at Tahoe and wore the Sheer Coverage everyday. Not only did I avoid burning, but it stayed on for the entire day. It gives just enough coverage and looks totally white cast that moisturizers with sunscreens often leave on the skin. This is a great addition to the anti-aging line of products and I highly recommend it.

OB Parker via Amazon

I used to wear this type of product only when going out at night, but have found myself wanting something to even out my blotchy skin and provide sun protection on a daily basis. However, I did not want that icky makeup look. I have found the solution with Everyday Sheer Coverage.

Joey via Amazon

Moisturizing Face Screen wins Beauty Bible’s Anti-Ageing Award. Beauty experts Jo Fairley and Sarah Stacey gathered testimonials from thousands of women in order to find the very best beauty products on the market. Marie Veronique Organics’ Moisturizing Face Screen was awarded Best Tinted Moisturizer with SPF in the Anti-Ageing beauty category!

When rating Marie Veronique Organics’ Moisturizing Face Screen, Beauty Bible testers remarked on the immediate visible transformation of their skin. One tester commented, “Skin looks better after using this. Small blemishes covered.” Another said, “Barely there color but skin looks bright from the light reflecting particles.”

This product is a great combination of protection and moisturizer that absorbs well and keeps your skin feeling good all day. I spend a lot of time at altitude and in dry climates and this product really works to keep your skin feeling moist. It also lasts forever-- the bottles look small but you only use a small amount with each application. And it's good to know that only the best ingredients are used. I got started with the MVO brand with one of their oil-based skin care products and now use them for everything including sun protection.

MVO User via Amazon

I just tried this hybrid between a sunscreen and a foundation and I love it. When they say "sheer" they mean it. I love how it goes on so lightly yet gives me a much more even skintone appearance. The smell is great too; very herbal and not sicky sweet or perfumey. I purchased the extra light tint which I think will be great for my pale winter skin but I would like to try the Light tint and see if it gives me just a bit of glow for the summer. I would have liked to be able to see something showing the gradations in the colors of the three different tints before I chose one. Overall I think it will be great for accomplishing sun protection with coverage.

BHH via Amazon

I am in love with your Moisturizing Face Screen. It is absolutely wonderful - smells like heaven in a bottle and makes my skin flawless. Honestly, if I was not saving every last drop for my face I would use it on my entire body. AMAZING! Thank you!!


I really want to thank MVO teams for producing such wonderful products. I've been using MVO products since Jun'11 and they really did wonder to my skin. My skin is acne-prone and oily. I've tried many different products but they failed to do any good for my skin. After I read many good reviews from the net, I decided to try MVO. Within few weeks, I could see the difference. Most of bumps on my forehead and acnes are clear now. I can't say that my skin is flawless but it's getting clearer. My pores seem smaller too. Keep up the great work.


"I am particularly in love with your moisturizing face screen in the light tint. It seems to make my skin look more amazing than my foundation. Have you ever thought to expand into a make up line? Your products would be utterly Incredible."

Charlotte Daniels on Facebook

"I feel as though this company has made my sunscreen dreams come true! haha. I never thought I would find a sunscreen that worked so well for my easily irritated skin."

Nina on Facebook

"My first ever order arrived here inthe UK today. Along with my Moisturising Face Screen (Light) you guys sent me an anti-ageing oil and the face screen in medium. TAHNK YOU SO SO MUCH. I have just tried both and my search is over. Have always wanted a tint that doesnt look cakey.PLEASE keep making this and don't change a thing. Loving it in Light. What an incredible product. xxx"

Carlton via Facebook

“I am a devoted user of MV Organics. When I started using it I had many solar keratoses and DARK freckling on the sides of my face, not to mention lots of fine wrinkles. After a solid year of using the anti- aging system and never skipping the moisturizing sunscreen, my keratoses have disappeared and my wrinkles are MUCH finer. I added the Vit C product (capsules) to the moisture serum recently (thanks to the discount offer) and in half a month I have noticed a real change in the texture of my skin! I am a nurse and all my friends are nurses, including 2 derm nurses and they all marvel at my skin! I also appreciate the solid science behind Marie Veronique's products. I can't thank you enough. (the whole family uses the kidsafe sunscreen and consistently use it--including a New Zealand sun bunny who has reformed because I forward her your blogs!!) I am so fortunate to have found your web site! Keep up the stellar work!“

Lynn Jack

"The Anti-Wrinkle is like a face lift in a bottle... my favorite product of all time :-)."

Layla Khashoggi via Facebook

“Over the years I have tried most every product under the sun, searching for the perfect marriage of natural and organic as well as effective. Marie Veronique Organics embody these wonderful qualities as well as meet my standards of supporting an environmentally responsible and friendly business model. At 41, living under the Colorado sun, I am thrilled to have these products in my arsenal!”

Carré Otis Model, Author, Activist and Mother

“This is by far my favorite tinted moisturizer, ever. It goes on easily, is super blendable, and lasts much longer than regular tints. It also includes an SPF which makes this product a three-in-one: moisturizer, foundation, AND sunscreen.”


“I can't thank you enough for giving me the sample pack of Marie Veronique. Remember those flaky patches that I was lamenting? As soon as I switched to MVO they were gone. GONE. They were different the first day, and got better and better each day that followed... no flaking, no redness. So skeptical Kathy got turned on a dime. The tinting in the Moisturizing Face Screen+ is perfect for my skin tone. I love the vitamin scent. I placed an order yesterday, and then went to the cabinet and threw everything else away. I don't usually do this kind of thing. So thank you.”

Kathy B., California

“We conducted an in-depth search at Spa Solage this year, testing dozens of brands for a new line that blended organic with results. It’s a very challenging task to find a facial line to be as pure as Marie Veronique Organics -- her ingredient decks are amazing! She takes passionate care to use the highest grade essential oils, and combines her knowledge of blending nature and science to create a truly natural, organic line that ranks at the top of list in the skin care industry. Many companies “say” organic and natural, but MVO is the real deal. We are confident that our guests will love our new anti-aging facial, and will return for more! Spa Solage is thrilled to begin our association with her company and look forward to a long partnership.”

Karen Ray, Director of Spa Services, Spa Solage, an Auberge Resort

"In terms of the first intelligent sunscreen to combine high-end treatment, Marie-Veronique's Moisturizing Face Screen+ and Day Serum take sunscreen to the next level with cranberry seed, sea buckthorn, emu oils and glucosamine.“

Kat James, The Truth about Beauty

"I recently placed an order from the UK. I have just received my order and I felt that I had to write to you to congratulate you on your wonderful products! I had high expectations and they have certainly exceeded them. I have waited nearly two years to be able to purchase from you, and was delighted when I saw you now ship internationally. During that time I searched high and low for an SPF day moisturizer that just had non-micronized zinc oxide and was non-greasy, but to no avail. I am so glad to use yours, and it is hard to believe it contains zinc, as it has such a wonderfully fine texture."

Christina N., UK

"My search is over! I have finally found the product that works for my aged, oily-combination, sensitive skin with clogged pores and break-outs. I have been diagnosed with rosacea and have tried products prescribed by doctors. I have had many facials. I have tried products from Bliss, Blue Mercury, Sephora and department stores A-Z. Nothing worked. I had given up on a lotion with SPF protection, because it would cause rashes and breakouts. Marie Veronique is a genius! I am so happy with the results. These products really deliver. My skin looks and feels amazing! Thanks you so much!!!"

Jeanie B., New Jersey

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have had such great results using your products. My skin has not looked this good in years! I have had problems with rosacea and until now, have not found any product that has helped. Your products are miraculous. Thank you for creating such an outstanding product!"

Shelley D., New York

"I have just started using the Anti-Aging Kit and it is just fabulous. I could see the difference after the first time I used it. I have very sensitive skin and can't use many products without developing irritation. These products leave my skin soft, supple and glowing. The compliments keep pouring in!"

Marion S., California

"I am an avid horseback rider and enjoy water skiing with my family which means lots of sun exposure. I noticed a difference immediately when I began using your Anti-Aging Kit. My dry, parched skin had more moisture, my wrinkles were less noticeable and the texture of my skin was better."

Alice R., California

"I am a busy mom with two young children. I grew up running and playing other outdoor sports and had dry, flaky skin with obvious sun damage. I really wanted to turn this around and start doing something to take care of my skin. After two weeks of using the Anti-Aging Oil+ and the Day Serum my dry patches were gone, my skin was pink and glowing and my fine lines were less evident. My skin was full of moisture. Now, after consistently using Mare Veronique's products my skin feels well taken care of, and more importantly, protected."

Diana Y., California

"I am absolutely loving the Moisturizing Face Screen. I feel like I'm not just protecting my skin from the sun, but giving myself a little mini-spa treatment every morning!"

Elizabeth W., Minnesota

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