Frequently Asked Questions
Thank You Program:
How does the MVO Thank You Program work?

MVO’s Thank You Program is simple: You will receive 10 “Thank You Notes” for each dollar you spend when you purchase any MVO products. Once you have spent $300 and have accumulated 3000 Thank You Notes, you can select a gift from the options listed on the MVO Thank You Program page. All Thank You Notes are calculated on line item totals only, excluding shipping and tax.

How do I redeem a reward?

To redeem a reward, simply use your MVO Thank You Program code on your next MVO purchase.

Are the rewards always the same?

MVO’s Thank You Program rewards will be updated periodically.

Do MVO Thank You Notes have cash value?

MVO Thank You Notes have no cash value and cannot be redeemed for cash.

Can I transfer my MVO Thank You Notes?

Your MVO Thank You Notes are non-transferrable.

Can I redeem rewards for any product I want?

We offer standard rewards based on your spending levels.

If I don’t redeem my rewards when I reach a spending level, can I redeem them later?

Yes of course! You can redeem your rewards anytime based on the rewards schedule.

How do I redeem rewards?

MVO will let you know automatically when you have reached a reward threshold.

Who can I refer to the MVO Thank You Program?

You can refer anyone who has never previously bought any products from MVO.

How many people can I refer?

You may refer as many new MVO customers are you like. We want all your friends to become customers! Just make sure they have not purchased from MVO in the past.

Who can use the MVO Thank You Program?

All customers with MVO accounts have access to and are automatically set up for the MVO Thank You Program. Customers who only use Guest checkout, will not have access to, accrue points, or see the functionality, except where we "advertise" it on the website, newsletter, etc.

Do I get points with every purchase?

Yes, regardless of purchase size, if you are logged into your account you will accrue MVO Thank You Notes.

When do my MVO Thank You Notes post to my account?

Our system will reward MVO Thank You Notes when an order is fulfilled or paid in full.

What happens when I refer a friend?

Friends referred to us receive a one-time use special offer code. The person doing the referring is rewarded with MVO Thank You Notes when a friend/referral completes a purchase.

How do I refer a friend?

Referrals are made through Facebook, Twitter or email. A special link is provided and friends must click through the referral link to get the offer. The referral link takes a visitor to our store where they are shown a welcome page asking the visitor to sign up with an email to receive the offer. The offer is delivered as a one-time coupon code to the visitor via email.

Should I encourage customers to make their own referrals?

Yes! Please recommend to your friends and family that they too can refer MVO and share in the benefits of the MVO Thank You Program.

What is a "successful referral"?

A "successful referral" is when a referred friend successfully completes a purchase on MVO’s online store using the special coupon code from the shared offer. After this transaction is recorded, MVO will reward the referer with MVO Thank You Notes.

Safety and the environment:
Are MVO and Pacific products made with nanoparticles?

Marie Veronique Organics' natural sunscreens are created with a unique formulation and production process that allow for the use of non-nano zinc oxide. This is the same zinc oxide that is recognized by the Food and Drug Administration as a Category I skin protectant, meaning it is safe for compromised or environmentally challenged skin. Zinc oxide has over a 300-year history of safety, with no known adverse reactions (which is why it is often used to treat diaper rash). We buy our ZnO from a supplier that meets our rigorous testing and quality control standards. To our knowledge, we use the ZnO with the largest primary particle size available on the market today. Our supplier confirms with an electron microscope that the particle size of our zinc oxide ranges from 100 - 400nm with no particle smaller than 100nm.

Are Marie Veronique Organics products safe to use while pregnant or breast feeding?

Yes, MVO and Pacific products are safe for all skin types, ages and genders, including pregnant and breast-feeding women.

Are Marie Veronique Organics products safe for babies?

Most pediatricians recommend that you not apply sunscreen to babies under 6 mos of age.

Are all of your products vegan?

Although we are not a vegan company, we have altered several products so that they are 100% vegan in order to best meet the needs of our vegan customers. Our other products do contain highly therapeutic non vegan ingredients such as glucosamine, honey, krill and emu oils.

Ingredients and products:
What is the difference between MVO Everyday Coverage, SPF 30 and Pacific Everyday Sheer Coverage, SPF 20?

The main difference between Pacific Everyday Sheer Coverage and MVO Everyday Coverage is the concentration of zinc oxide. In Pacific ESC it is 16.6% and in MVO EC it is 20%. Pacific Everyday Sheer Coverage also provides anti aging support with beta glucans, glucosamine, and powerful anti-oxidants such as coffee fruit extract.

We recommend using Pacific Everyday Sheer Coverage 365 days out of the year, rain or shine. And on heavy sun exposure days, we recommend MVO Everyday Coverage with a higher concentration of zinc oxide.

What is the difference between the MVO Everyday Essentials Kit and MVO Acne Relief Kit if you have combination aging and acne prone skin?

The main difference between the MVO Everyday Essentials Kit and the MVO Acne Relief Kit is in the choice of oils. The acne kit contains MVO Treatment Oil rather than the MVO Face Oil found in the MVO Everyday Essentials Kit. The MVO Treatment Oil contains antimicrobial EO's that are very good at containing growth of P.acnes, the principle bacteria associated with adult acne. It is not quite as hydrating as MVO Face Oil, but still helps to balance and sebum production. If you have frequent breakouts start with the MVO Acne Relief Kit, and transition to the MVO Everyday Essentials Kit once your skin calms down. We have found that the MVO Everyday Essentials Kit works very well for people with occasional moderate breakouts.

I have dry skin, and zinc oxide sunscreens seem to make it drier. How can I resolve this?

Try a drop of MVO Face Oil or Pacific Face Oil under your sunscreen and it goes on great, even with dry skin.

Skin Conditions:
I've heard sun is good for my Rosacea/Hyperpigmentation, why should I wear sunscreen?

Sun is good for psoriasis, but absolutely not desirable for either rosacea or hyperpigmentation--in fact it can significantly worsen both of those conditions. To control hyperpigmentation and rosacea using sunscreen EVERY DAY to protect from damaging UVA rays is an absolute must.

What is Melasma and what recommendations do you have for this skin condition?

Melasma is severe hyperpigmentation that can look like blotchiness or patches of discoloration. It generally runs in families, and in most cases people use makeup to disguise it, or many times they resort to laser treatments to try and correct it. We can send them to the IPL and Laser support group if they want to hear more from people who have not had good experiences with laser treatments.

Our recommendations: Use a sunscreen every day that has broad spectrum UV protection, as UVA exposure in particular will aggravate hyperpigmentation.

Our sunscreens are a perfect answer for malasma sufferers, as they need everyday broad spectrum protection with zinc oxide. Zinc oxide protects across the whole range of UVA, up to 400 nm, and is the only sunscreen active ingredient that provides that level of safe protection.

1) Pacific Everyday Sheer Coverage is a good bet for every day use as it will protect from UVA and help smooth out uneven skin tones.

2) For more high-exposure days use MVO Everyday Coverage SPF 30.

3) Our Pacific Skin Lightening Duet will also help even out skin tones gradually, without damaging skin or causing inflammation, which may trigger more hyperpigmentation. Natural treatments using Vitamin C are safer than laser treatments, as they sometimes can cause inflammation which aggravates the condition.

4) People with malasma should consult a dermatologist.

What to buy:
Which sunscreen tint is right for me?
Can any of the Serums be matched with any of the Supplements or must they be used in the Duet combinations?

The duets are intended to target specific needs. The Pacific Anti-Wrinkle Duet is for wrinkles and the Pacific Skin Lightening Duet is to brighten and lighten hyperpigmentation.

All duets provide anti-aging support and improve the health of skin from within. Mixing and matching the serums and supplements is a great way to personalize one's skin care regimen.

What are your best selling products? What makes them popular?

Our sun protection products and face oils top the list: MVO Everyday Coverage SPF 30 and Pacific Everyday Sheer Coverage SPF 20: Our sunscreens stand apart from others because of our use of non-micronized zinc oxide in a moisturizing base rich in essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants. MVO Face Oil or Pacific Face Oil: Our face oils replenish the lipid barrier to maintain skin’s natural radiance. Most people get a bit nervous when they hear the words oil and skin in the same sentence. But there’s no reason to get nervous. In fact, waxes, not oils, are the major cause of skin congestion. Applying oils to the skin, without the interference of a wax barricade, gives your skin the essential fatty acids it needs.

If buying on a budget, what's the best way to go?
Why should I use the Repair (Step 4) products only at night?

Full Question: Antioxidants when applied topically protect cells from free radicals and in some cases help to rejuvenate them. Whereas peptides are cell communicating ingredients which can 'trick' skin cells into producing more collagen and produce 'better' skin cells. So my question is if the skin repairs it self at night during sleep then surely the peptides and other cell communicating ingredients would play more of a vital role at night to help with cell regeneration and anti oxidants would day more of a vital role during the day for protecting the skin from free radicals and pollution etc then wouldn't it best to use a product at night which contains cell communicating ingredients and use a product with antioxidants during the day time? Why use a product containing these cell communicating ingredients during the daytime if the they will be more useful at night, when I say useful I mean help repair damage?

Skin is on a sort of 24 clock, and its job is to protect during the day (with sunscreen and anti-oxidants) and repair at night ( with antioxidants and cell signalling ingredients). We always tell people to save expensive repair serums for night time--to put them on during the day is a waste of money. Also, since repair happens while you are asleep. there's no point in applying expensive repair serums until you are ready to turn in for the night. During sleep melatonin, the universal scavenger, is released, but you can add to nature's repair program with other anti-oxidants and peptides.

Our company:
Where are products manufactured?

All MVO and Pacific products are hand crafted in the San Francisco Bay Area

How does Marie Veronique Organics support the environment?

Our ingredients are organic, fair trade and locally sourced whenever possible. Our packaging is recyclable and all ingredients are biodegradable. We feel that this is critical because we learn more every day about how industry is negatively affecting the environment. For example, chemical sunscreens are harming coral and sea life. We are committed to sustainable production and products and we welcome an ongoing dialogue with our customers and complete transparency to the public.

Are Marie Veronique Organics products certified organic?

Our products contain many ingredients that have been certified organic but we feel our products and company are so much more than just organic. We are researching a suitable certification that will communicate our values including the use of organic, local, and fair trade ingredients whenever possible. In addition our packaging, including labels, are 100% recyclable which is rare and we would like to find a certification that captures all that we do. In the meantime we will continue to use the very best ingredients that are organic, local, and fair trade whenever possible.

Why is my serum a different color than it was the last time that I ordered it? Is there something wrong with it?

Our ingredients are natural and the color of a key ingredient may vary from one time to the next. Also, we do not use chemical stabilizers so the ingredients may interact over time, changing the color, but not the quality or safety, of the product.

Shopping specific:
Can I purchase samples of MVO or Pacific products?

Although we do not have samples available for purchase, we can include select samples (Everyday Sheer Coverage, MVO Everyday Coverage, and MVO Face Oil) with your order upon request. Because we stand behind all of our products and want you to shop with confidence, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all purchases (less shipping & handling).

What is your return or exchange policy?

Products purchased from our online store may be returned within 30 days for an exchange or refund. Please contact for a return authorization.

Where can I find Marie Veronique Organics products in my area?

We have chosen to sell direct to our customers via our on-line store to offer the very best products at the lowest possible prices. Marie Veronique Organics facials and products are available through a select number of exclusive spa partners.

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