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Pantothenic Acid, B5 for Acne

Virtually everyone remembers the frustrating experience of acne with small inflamed dots called pimples or blackheads. While some have been spared the ordeal of acne, many others have suffered through unsuccessful treatments over years in spite of the best efforts of top dermatologists. Although some of the treatments (such as Accutane) may be successful, they come at the price of serious adverse side effects such as depression.

For the young woman concerned about self-image, skin complexion is obviously very important. Even a small amount of acne with one or two strategically placed pimples can be intolerable. For the unfortunate few, acne can be progressive leading to scarring and disfigurement, with the pitting and nodularity of Acne Vulgaris.

Acne is a common adverse side effect of synthetic birth control pills which mimic testosterone. Elevated testosterone levels in males and females are associated with increased oil production in the skin resulting in acne. A common genetic mutation called atypical CAH (congenital adrenal hyperplasia) causes increased testosterone in females resulting in acne. PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) syndrome is associated with increased testosterone production and acne is common.

Young males may suffer from acne merely because of abundant (and normal) testosterone production. Below, we will make the case for a vitamin B5 deficiency as a cause for acne.

Traditionally, acne is treated by the dermatologist with various topical cleansers, antibiotics and drugs such as Accutane. Accutane's most commonly reported adverse side effect is depression which can lead to suicide.

In this article we will present to you information about Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) as a treatment for acne. We will explain the role of Vitamin B5 in the metabolism of fats and oils, and how increasing the metabolism of oils will reduce oil accumulation in the skin, and thereby reduce or eliminate acne. Both Accutane and Vitamin B5 work by different mechanisms. Accutane works by shrinking the sebaceous glands at the root of the hair follicles. However, Vitamin B5 works by reducing the oil production of the sebaceous glands. This is done by increasing Coenzyme A (Co-A) which increases the metabolic breakdown of oils by normal activity of cell physiology.

Source: Pantothenic Acid, B5 for Acne

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